In two years, 86 participants and 7 participating teams have been reached

“Thank you for 2023 SUNRUN”
In 2023, several new supporter members joined the team, still with the goal of making a difference run more enjoyable for the participant. We were also able to include several new ones this year supporters. The Saarte Kooskökogu also helped, thanks to whom we were able to organize a more conscious training seminar conducted by Juhan Mikkor on the eve of the competition. SunRun the experience run was supported by WOW Elamuskeskus, BeautifulMe, Ubala, SJK Aameraas, Piidi factory; Saaremaa water, Tzoon, Movement year 2023, Saaremaa Sports Association and Orissaare Sport. On behalf of all running lovers, many thanks to the SunRun supporters, you provide an important added value to this great running party. Thanks to photographer Allan Mehik for capturing the competition perfectly.

“Throwback to 2023”

On the morning of Saturday, June 3, 2023 it was already before four o’clock (sunrise in Kuressaare is this on the day 04:33) a number of race organizers and runners of the first shift busy at the starting area. Quick instructions for the runners, GPS devices on the shoulder belt and exactly at sunrise Andre gave the start. Accompanied by the shouts of many compatriots (there may have been almost 50 of us), the runners of the first shift and the very early risers crossed the starting line.
It was a beautiful sporty and sunny day. Each runner chose a pace that was suitable for him and that’s how the line of runners set off along the light traffic road towards Nasva, accompanied by teammates and supporters. There are 15 stages, the shortest of which is nearly 8 km and the longest is 15.5 km. Each exchange point was marked with a SunRun flag, in addition to a large number of supporters, music, at some points also coffee and other pleasant things.
The foreign guests from Lithuania were very fast and covered nearly 180 km in a little over 12 hours, the team with many of Saaremaa’s best runners was not too far behind them. The course can be completed almost at full speed or at a slightly slower pace. More important is good team spirit and enjoying running together. A relay race in any format always gives a boost to team members, and that’s the case at SunRun. It was recommended to enter the Illik width with as many team members as possible, and the teams completed the last 300m together to receive very beautiful oak medals around their necks at the finish line and the applause of their compatriots

In two years, 86 participants and 7 participating teams have been reached, including from this year the run is also international. In 2023, a team named after a well-known Lithuanian runner participated – Sorokin Team, who completed the course in almost 12 and a half hours. Teams consisting of recreational athletes (the term of the author of the article, who also considers himself one of them) cross the course quickly. The wider target group is the various teams of enthusiasts who enjoy being on the track longer and making the most of the daylight. This time the joy of marking and preparing the track was mainly Andre and Taavi to organize. The work of the course masters received a lot of praise from the participants (despite some small mistakes on the course), the course was very versatile and the participants saw a lot of beautiful things Around Saaremaa – among other things, we passed the historic Lõmala-Kaugatoma heritage road, (my newly adopted son Karl couldn’t help but wonder what road signs those are?) the beautiful village of Leedri, many other beautiful villages, the shores of Tagalahe and Küdema bays, Panga bank, Soela harbor , and finally the beautiful Illiku laiu. You can still watch the movement of the teams on the track at

Since the route passes through many very busy villages, the organizers plan to include

in the future also these communities more actively in the competition life. Just a few days before the competition, I made a phone call to one of the leaders of the Vanakubja society that showed how great an idea it is. On the day of the competition, while running through the village of Vanakubja, I found a wonderful surprise – all the runners were encouraged with grapes, bananas, water, an alpine bell and the cheering of girls. Thank you very much for this, Vanakubja village community! This gave me a lot of extra strength to run briskly out to the village of Võhma. GPS devices that play the role of a relay and at the same time, they provide an overview of the competitors almost in real time (with a delay of a few seconds). from the location. Competition participants and observers have an online overview of how their team is doing the favorite is doing. The great popularity and growth potential of the competition is shown by over 600 online watcher who kept an eye on things during the day and lived with them.

The next experience run SunRun will take place on June 1, 2024, all those interested can already mark it in their calendar. We are actively working with the organizing team so that next year there will be many times more teams and participants. Joined the organizing team this year Running friend Rain Jano


In two years, 86 participants and 7 participating teams have been reached