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welcome to the saaremaa experience run

Two years ago, sports lovers Andre Käen, Taavi Eigo, Tambet Liblik and Helina Pärn came up with the idea of ​​organizing the best experience run in the world in Saaremaa. After many discussions together, the concept we know today as the SunRun experience run was arrived at.
The idea of ​​the run is to spend one summer Saturday in the beautiful nature of Saaremaa with your team and work together from sunrise to sunset. All collectives, groups of friends, sports clubs and groups of any format who can form a common team are welcome.

general guide

It is an experience run where the important thing is not the victory but the ability to comfortably run with friends along the wonderful running tracks and coastline of Saaremaa. Starting with the sunrise from Kuressaare, the challenge is to finish with a picturesque sunset on the Illiku wide Orissaare.

IV-SunRun takes place on the first day of the month of June 01.06.2024. Of course, Estonia’s sunniest grass soil on the surface of Saaremaa.

To offer team and ultra running enthusiasts high-quality experiences on Viikingisaare’s beautiful running tracks of 180 km. From Kuressaare to Orissaare.

The number of members in the teams is not limited, you can be alone or even a whole group of friends, by registering in the PARTICIPATE link, indicate the exact size of the team. Distances and stages are divided among each team in a friendly manner according to their abilities.

Distances and stages are divided among each team in a friendly manner according to their abilities.

-15.05.2024 – 25€/participant

– GPS wristband
– Trail map with guide
– Drinks and various snacks at intermediate points
– Warm soup, tea, bread and possibility to wash at the finish line
– A unique craft medal for each participant.

June 1 – Saturday
4:30 start in front of the Wow center in Kuressaare
The finish is open until everyone has finished
Summer start party at Illiku laiu


Each team receives a GPS wristband, which must run as a baton – a distance of 15 stages for the runner from start to finish. Handing over the GPS device to the next member in places freely chosen by the teams. Guidance and support on the trail at your own risk.

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The escort vehicle must comply with all traffic regulations in force in the Republic of Estonia

  • In Saaremaa, too, we run only on the left side of the road and, if possible, on light traffic . roads. Although we have less traffic compared to the mainland, we still have to take into account that we are moving in open traffic with other vehicles, so we have to be especially careful and attentive.
  • If you run with/alongside someone, remember the simple rule that 2 people are max. We are not allowed to occupy the road as a group side by side.
  • In the dark, we must be visible in traffic, we wear reflective vests or flashlights and headlamps.
  • Use of headphones at your own risk.
  • Saaremaa has beautiful nature, we keep it and we don’t throw garbage.

Course maps and exchange points


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